Hair Replacement


Non Surgical Hair Replacement procedures attach a thin transparent layer of polyurethane to the scalp which is call template, and then by template we form a tight membrane which acts as a second layer of skin. The hair replacement membrane will have previously been implanted with human hair, customized to create a near as possible match with the patients existing hair characteristics. These detailed design specifications include a site specific color match, density selection, direction of implant, hair wave, as well as crown and parting breaks amongst other features.

According to the procedure we make a complete Hair Piece which attached on clients scalp by schedule.

Fixed / Non-fixed

There are a several types of hair replacement fixing process but mainly we offer two types of hair fixing like Permanent and Removable. The main difference between permanent and removable is that the first one cannot be detached/removed from your body and thus will be like your natural / real hair. The latter can be removed when it is desired and can be fixed again when the customer decides so.

1. Permanent Fixing (Pasting/Weaving)
2. Removable/Semi Permanent (Bonding)

The main difference between permanent and semi-permanent hair fixing is that the first one cannot be detached/removed from your body and thus will be like your natural/ real hair. The latter can be removed when it is desired and can be fixed again when the customer decides so.

Hair Link International providing hair fixing services for those who want practical solutions for baldness. We follow non-surgical American and European techniques to make it services painless and side effect free.



The Hair Consultant will access your hair and skin type to decide on the required hair sample. He will study the area that is affected by baldness and then by hair expert it will take one hour to fix your hair on your Scalp. The hair used will match your existing hair. The Consultant will also be given instructions about how to take care and maintain your hair properly.


Hair Link follow  Clients desire style for satisfactions. We have lot of satisfied customers as well besides for your kind information we would like to let you know that there is no age limit for hair replacement.

The Benefits

• It looks and feel like your natural hair. It's hard to tell the difference.

• The process is non-surgical and hence it is completely painless and side effect free.

• The process uses natural/real Human hair and is done according to the structure & thickness of the existing hair. The hair can be made curly, straight or wavy as Clients required.

• It takes 1 hour to fix your hair. This process finishes in one sitting and does not require repeat visits

• Hair Replacement can be done partially or fully - that is, it can be done only on the area that is affected by baldness/hair fall, be it from the forehead to centre end portion.

• You can style, comb your hair in any style.

• You can lead a normal life after fixing your hair- there are no restrictions on bathing, swimming or leading an active life.

As the hair used in hair fixing is not alive, so you have to take care of it by following the instructions those given by our Consultant.


We are one of the most popular brands in Bangladesh for Hair Replacement technology. and our dedication to the field makes us the preferred brand of movie stars, celebrities and various other public personalities. We cannot reveal their identities due to privacy/professional reasons, but Mr. Munirul Islam( Alal); the most senior Journalist of Daily Inqilab is our brand model , feels strongly positive about the brand.

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At Hair Link, our main focus is to solve the consumer's hair problems. We start by doing a consultation, or checking the customer's current hair situation and what type of a change they're looking for. Based on what we find, we will suggest the most suitable hair solution for that person. Please read on to learn more about the solutions offered or schedule a consultation to get as much detail as you'd like if you're making a decision ( even if its not with us! ).