Human hair Replacement is always 100% Human Hair and is never mixed with fiber or animal hair. Human hair is the preferred choice when selecting hair fiber though it is more expensive than the synthetic alternatives. Human hair is natural and compatible with all products and grooming procedures acceptable to real hair.



A specialist stylist will achieve an undetectable finish by adding a life cycle to the hair by skilled thinning, tapering and cutting-in frontal baby hairs. Some temporal recession and crown thinning may be necessary to perfect the overall realism. Non surgical hair replacement is not a single procedure that will last for life.


Individual hair replacement systems have a life span of up to one year and future hair replacement systems will be required with new templates to take account of any further hair loss Non surgical hair replacement is a suitable technique for a number of alopecia conditions including androgen tic, or hereditary hair loss, totalize and universalize amongst others.

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At Hair Link, our main focus is to solve the consumer's hair problems. We start by doing a consultation, or checking the customer's current hair situation and what type of a change they're looking for. Based on what we find, we will suggest the most suitable hair solution for that person. Please read on to learn more about the solutions offered or schedule a consultation to get as much detail as you'd like if you're making a decision ( even if its not with us! ).